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Circular Data Service Cards

Our Circular Data Service Cards were developed together with Know Center, Technical University Graz supported by DIH Süd & FFG.
This tool enable businesses to connect data with circular strategies and get inspired while learning from best practices that were derived by a collection of +150 Use Cases.

Those Cards are giving you insights of Data Sources, Data Analytics, Data Services, Benefits and Circular Strategies. With them you can get inspired how to adapt your business strategy and learn from others.

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In our Moodle Learning Platform also developed together with Know Center, Technical University Graz supported by DIH Süd & FFG. Businesses as well as Students are able to deepening their knowledge in Sustainability and Data Science.

We have included in our Platform different reading materials, videos as well as quizzes to test what you learned. You can exchange there with a like-minded community and network & learn with them in dedicated forums.

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CDSC Workshop

Name: Circular Data Service Cards Workshop

Description:  The Data Service Cards Workshop is an innovative and interactive session designed to help companies explore and develop new data services using the Data Service Cards and Data Product Canvas. This workshop, developed in collaboration with Know-Center, aims to unlock the hidden potential and business opportunities that data holds for organizations.

  1. Inspiration and Best Practices: The workshop utilizes Data Service Cards, which serve as a source of inspiration by showcasing best-practice examples of data services. Participants gain insights into how data can be utilized in various industries and learn from successful case studies.

  2. Utilizing Data Service Cards and Data Product Canvas: The workshop incorporates the use of Data Service Cards and the Data Product Canvas. These tools enable participants to structure their ideas, define value propositions, and outline the key elements of their data services.

  3. Collaboration and Small Group Work: The workshop follows a collaborative approach, encouraging participants to work in small groups. This facilitates brainstorming, idea generation, and knowledge sharing among participants from different backgrounds and industries.


⏱️ Duration: This workshop is customized session to cater the needs and the objectives of your organization.

👥 The Data Service Cards Workshop is ideal for companies and professionals seeking to explore and develop new data services.

➜ For Businesses: If you are an entrepreneur, Product developer, UI/UX Designer, Data Analyst, Business Strategist, Manager seeking solutions for environment related issues then contact us

➜ For Education InstitutionsIf you are a Dean, Faculty, Student seeking to learn and impart the knowledge then contact us here

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Data-driven circular business models workshop

Name: Data-Driven Circular Business Models

Description:  Workshop on Circular Economy, Data Science, and Sustainability is a dynamic and interactive session designed for individuals and organizations to gain insight about the intersection of these critical areas. This workshop aims to raise awareness, foster understanding, and ignite action towards building a more sustainable future.

    1. Comprehensive Understanding: The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of circular economy principles, data science applications, and sustainability practices. Participants gain a deep understanding of the interconnections between these areas and the potential for creating positive environmental and social impact.

    2. Networking and Collaboration: The workshop provides opportunities for networking and collaboration among participants from diverse background. Network and connect with other businesses, and students. By connecting with like-minded individuals, participants can share ideas, forge partnerships, and expand their professional networks within the sustainability and data science spheres

    3. Practical Tools and Resources: Participants receive practical tools and resources that they can apply in their daily lives and professional settings. These resources include guides, checklists, and best practice examples, empowering individuals and organizations to implement sustainable practices and drive positive change.

    4. Interactive Activities: The workshop incorporates a variety of interactive activities that encourage participation, collaboration, and critical thinking. These activities include case studies, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on exercises, enabling participants to apply their learnings in real-world scenarios.


⏱️ Duration: This workshop takes up to 3 hours and can be customized based on your needs.

👥 If you are a Professional, Student or Researcher seeking to enhance your knowledge in circular economy, data science, and sustainability feel free to contact us

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Workshop on ESRS/CSRD

Name: Workshop on ESRS/CSRD

Description:  Our workshop on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting is a transformative session designed to educate and inspire organizations about the importance of responsible business practices and ESG reporting. This workshop equips participants with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively integrate and ESG principles into their operations, fostering sustainability, transparency, and positive societal impact.

      1. In-depth Understanding: The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of ESG reporting frameworks, standards, and best practices. Participants gain a deep understanding of the concepts, their relevance, and their potential for driving sustainable growth and stakeholder engagement.

      2. Peer Learning and Networking: The workshop creates a collaborative environment for participants to connect with peers, share insights, and exchange best practices. By networking with like-minded professionals, participants can build valuable connections and tap into a collective pool of knowledge and experiences.

      3. Interactive Activities: The workshop incorporates a variety of interactive activities, including case studies, group discussions, and scenario-based exercises. These activities encourage active participation, critical thinking, and application of knowledge, enabling participants to grasp complex concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios.


⏱️ Duration: This workshop is for 2 hours and can be customized based on your needs & challenges

This is the right workshop for you – if you are:

➜ an Executive or Responsible Leader for corporate sustainability and ESG reporting

➜ CSR and sustainability professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

➜ Organizations aiming to align with international sustainability standards and reporting frameworks.

➜ Investors, analysts, and stakeholders interested in understanding the importance of ESG reporting.

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