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Shake up your day with an energy diary!

Welcome to our blog post where we’ll take you through an exciting and energetic day at our organization. In this blog, we’ll walk you through visualization exercise with energy dairy, team building, and more. Get ready to shake up your day and boost your energy!

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Our team-building activity, called the Energy Diary, aimed to explore our personal energy levels and experiences. We started with a brief introduction on how to fill out the template provided on Miro, a collaborative online whiteboard platform.

With uplifting music playing in the background, we embarked on individual brainstorming, reflecting on our energy levels and what contributed to them throughout the day. This self-reflection exercise allowed us to better understand our energy patterns and identify factors that influenced our productivity and well-being.

We then moved into breakout rooms, where pairs of participants discussed their findings and shared insights from their energy diaries. These group discussions provided a platform for collaborative learning and enabled us to gain different perspectives on energy management.

In the final stage, we gathered as a larger group to harvest our learnings. Each participant shared how the exercise helped them discover something new about themselves or their energy patterns. It was a powerful moment of self-awareness and personal growth.

Why an Energy Diary?

Creating an energy diary can be a helpful tool for self-reflection and understanding your energy levels throughout the day. Here are the steps to create your own energy diary:

→ First step is to identify and list down the morning activities (refer Activities/Tasks)
→ Reflect on each activity and recognise your energy level during the activity.
→ Next reflect on what emotions you receive from each of these activities and add appropriate emoticons!
→ Lastly you can reflect go through everything and see if you would like to make further changes.
→ You can repeat the same exercise for afternoon, evening and night

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