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Passion united us, discipline made us create what we believe the world needs.




What drives oC?

As students, we are ingrained with the ability to critically assess the existing norms and cultivate the self-assurance necessary to take proactive steps in shaping the world as we envision it. When we articulated our aspirations for the future, we noticed that we share the common mission to empower fellow students, establishing connections with researchers and together transform businesses. Our vision is to create a more sustainable future. And naturally, our vehicle for achieving this is through the collaborative efforts of our exceptional team and all supporters in oikos Consulting.


About Lilia or “bundle of sunshine”

Lilia Yang

Heya I am Lilia also founder of oikos Consulting! My friends would describe me as a light-hearted, optimistic and spirited individual who finds joy in various sports, music, and the wonders of nature.

As a researcher, it is my passion to get closer to understand the intricacies of our world and the ways in which we wield the power to reshape it. Through my current position as a PhD supporter specializing in sustainability (CSRD) at Magna International, I am able to gain a profound insight into the structure of a decentralized, global enterprise where I am learning to deal with various challenges and use strategic, analytical, and communication skills to promote the success of projects in large companies.

My dedication also extends to my involvement with the oikos community. Having served as the former President of oikos Graz and holding the position of VP at oikos International, I noticed the significant impact achieved by nurturing and empowering forward-thinking young professionals on their sustainability journey. Certainly, I believe that great transformation can only be realized when a dedicated collective of individuals is united by a shared sense of purpose. My ultimate aspiration? Witnessing individuals recognize their authentic selves, fostering collaboration, and uncovering the genuine essence of happiness – one rooted in simplicity, gratitude, and a true contentment with our present circumstances.

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